Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There's Never Enough Time

It's been months since my last blog post.

Mainly because there just isn't any time for that sort of thing when you have a baby.

There's no time to pick the avocado out of my hair.  No time to pick up the hairball the cat just threw up. No time to unpack those last few boxes from our December move, or to send out thank you notes and birthday cards.  No time to clean.  Anything.

Truthfully, it's not so much that there's no time for ANYTHING.  There just isn't time for EVERYTHING.  No time to squeeze it all in.  No time to see that play that was just extended for a third time, or to have drinks with friends past 9pm.  No time to go to the gym...not that I complain about that most days.

But there is time for some things.

There's plenty of time to feed oatmeal and bananas to the baby, even if most of it ends up on the floor or behind his ears.  Plenty of time to splash with him in the bathtub, and to read "Peek A Who?" and "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" whenever he grabs the books and crawls my way.  There's plenty of time to clap our hands and dance to "Rockin' Robin" for the one thousandth time, and plenty of time to cuddle with him on the sofa while he giggles at "this little piggy."

There's ample time to baby proof the apartment as our boy gets braver and more interested in opening drawers and doors.  There's tons of time for zerberts (I looked up how to spell that) and rocking and making finger-painted art projects for friends and family.  There's even time to change diapers.  (Let's face it, there HAS to be.)

Having a baby has made us realize what is truly important.  So while one may be stressed that their champagne glasses didn't match when they toasted their baby's baptism (Who, ME?), there are much, MUCH better things that deserve my attention and limited brain space.

Like wiping off that little drop of milk from the corner of the baby's mouth after he falls asleep in my arms.  Or marveling in the piece of hair on the back of his head that is just starting to curl.

But not cleaning.

The cleaning can wait.