Thursday, June 18, 2015

Speechless and Helpless

This morning we woke to news of a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, SC- a town that is like a home to our family, having gone to college there, and returning often to visit our dear friends.

Things like this are happening far too often.  And with each event, each news story, each blog post, the same phrases pop up over and over.  Senseless.  Tragic.  Horrific.  Prayers.  Victims.  Hate.  

There really aren't other words that work in this situation.  No words that make a difference.  That make us feel more in control or more at peace or more angry or more sad.  It's always the same.

Where are the words that will change any part of these events?  The words that will reach the people who commit these crimes?  Reach the lawmakers?  The mental health professionals?  The guidance counselors? The parents?  The preachers?

As sick and heartbroken as I am over these events becoming too common, I'm realizing I'm also sick of not having a better vocabulary, a better arsenal of words, to use to make something change.  I feel helpless.

Because the words we keep using aren't doing the job.