Monday, July 19, 2010

Celebrity Sightings in NYC

First, it's worth mentioning that the local NPR news station is doing a call-in show right now about NYC celebrity sightings, so this is a hot topic.

Since we've been in NYC, we have seen numerous celebrities, most of whom require a sentence or two of explanation before you'll recognize who I'm talking about. Ready?

1. During the Great Apartment Hunting Weekend, we spotted Bill Hader from SNL. You know, the wacky one. No, the other wacky one.

Bill Hader-ALO-023778.jpg

2. On the train one day, I sat across from the chubby, balding guy who plays one of the writers on "30 Rock." No, not Phil. No, not the guy with the funny hats, and not the black guy. You know that OTHER guy who eats donuts and probably lives with his mom? THAT guy. (JD Lutz)


3. In the grocery store last week, we saw Dennis Leary. Keep in mind, we were at the fancy grocery store, Citarella on Broadway and 75th. It's not like Leary shops at the Pioneer, for Pete's sake. He was in the sauce section. And by that, I mean fancy pasta sauces, not rot-gut rye.


4. Running errands the other day, I happened to be looking at what people were eating (you know, people sit outdoors for lunch, and you can look right at their plates), and I saw that freckle-faced actress with the short reddish hair who is on one of the Law and Order shows. In real life, she's British, which I already knew, but it was clear that's who she was when she spoke to her lunch date. (Julianne Nicholson)


5. We firmly believe we may have been stalked by Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Saturday. He's the redheaded actor who plays Mitchell on "Modern Family." The gay one. No, the other gay one. We passed him while walking the High Line, and then we passed him AGAIN roaming around the West Village. In my effortlessly cool way, I alerted him to the poop on the sidewalk just ahead, and warned him and his friends not to step in it. I care.


So far, these have been our only sightings of the celebrities in their natural habitat. Like US MAGAZINE states each week, "Celebrities: They're Just Like Us!" In fact, they ARE. Only they have bigger apartments and better clothes.

This week, we'll see Helen Hunt in "Our Town," but we won't consider that an actual sighting, since we're paying for it. Now, if I run into her in the ladies room of Bar Centrale after the show....we'll be sure to mention it.

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