Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Tea for Me

I'm fortunate to be a company member of The Bats at The Flea Theater, and part of my job there is to work in the office a few hours a week. Sometimes it's doing research, sometimes it's typing, or sometimes, it's running today.

I had one very special errand to run. A very famous and much-loved, hilarious, playwright has a new play, and The Flea is doing a reading of it soon. So, I was handed a copy of this never-before-seen manuscript, and was told to deliver it to the home of a ridiculously famous (14 Tony awards) Broadway producer.

On the train ride there, my mind began to race. It went something like this: "I wish I hadn't worn Converse, I should have straightened my hair, damn this rain, I wish I had a bigger umbrella, stick to one side of the sidewalk lady, yuck my banana got smushed in my bag, so THIS is the Upper East Side, will he be home, do I leave it with the doorman, if I meet him what will I say, wish I'd seen Book of Mormon before now, Jerusalem was fantastic, why yes I AM an actor, of course I'll have tea with you, here is my husband's latest play- I happen to carry it with me at all times, thank YOU, that was a funny joke (tossing head back and laughing), tell your wife I'm sorry to have missed her, see you next week!"

As you can see, my imagination got away from me. The boring truth is that I left the script with the doorman, who may or may not have understood what I was saying. I did not meet the famous producer, and I certainly didn't exchange jokes with him over tea.

But I might start dressing a little cuter, just in case. :)

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