Friday, September 9, 2011

Things I Saw Today

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm doing a bit of background work lately, saving for our trip to Africa. This week, I was at a book party with Kristen Wiig in "Imogene," and next week, I'll be in 1966, listening to Tim Buckley play the Night Owl. 

This requires a costume fitting, as I have virtually nothing from 1966.  To do this, I traveled to The Foundry, in Queens, where the shoot will be next week.  (below)  The wardrobe guy who worked with me wore a kilt, had a red beard like Kris Kringle, and glasses without arms.  

The view of NYC from here is pretty cool, especially when your only view of the city is usually from the ground, smack dab in the middle of it all. (this photo doesn't do the view justice.)  In a four block radius, there was TomCat Bakery, SilverCup Studios, and the place where all the taxis live.  Who knew?

Back to Manhattan (a surprisingly quick train ride), and I hopped off the train at 59th street to walk home in the gorgeous weather, and THAT'S when I met Marina.  Here's a video.

Marina is in town for Fashion Week, promoting (and wearing) Missoni for Target.  She saw me taking her photo, so she took mine.  She was designed by Mother New York, and employed whole team of puppeteers.  I'm glad I got off at 59th.

Then I bought some fish at Citarella, but that wasn't super thrilling, and I didn't take photos.

Tomorrow, I'll work The Flea table at the TheatreMania Street Fair.  I'll be sure to take and post photos if I see anything interesting.  Maybe Marina will show up.

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