Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Did the Blog Go?

Many fans (3 people I know) have asked me why there was such a huge gap in my blog posts recently.  One loyal fan (not my mother) pointed out that until Sunday's installment, my last post was in mid-March.

The life of a professional blogger (pregnant actor) is a busy one, so I've compiled a quick list of all the things I've been doing while this blog has been on hiatus.

-  Walking back from the grocery store
-  Trying to get out of this sofa without assistance from Dean
-  Weeping
-  Reading about all the ailments that may befall our baby, like mad cow disease and colic
-  Alphabetizing stuff
-  Not drinking enough water
-  Walking Hank.  Again.
-  Looking for panties that fit
-  Pulling clumps of matted hair off Tater, our 20-lb cat
-  Rearranging pillows around me as I sleep.  As I try to sleep.
-  Watching birthing videos through my fingers
-  Thinking about cleaning out my closet
-  Lint rolling things
-  Watching Ellen

As you can see, there is a LOT to do to get ready for a baby.  And some things take much longer now than they used to take.  Like writing blog posts.  And climbing the stairs to get out of the subway.

There really is a thing called "pregnancy brain," I'm not just making it up.  During pregnancy, a woman's brain actually shrinks a little.  Apparently, it has something to do with making room for all the new stuff we will automatically know how to do, like keeping the baby safe from lions and knowing the difference between the "I'm hungry" cry and the "I'm going to major in poetry" cry.

Is it possible "pregnancy brain" contributed to the giant gap in my blogging?  Maybe so.

(Blinks.  Silence.)

What were we talking about again?

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