Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Me

An invitation to gun advocates:

In the wake of the daily news stories about gun-weilding Bad Guys,

In the wake of dozens of parents' Very Best Things being stolen away,

In the wake of All the Cities We'd Never Heard of Before,

Show me.

Share the countless success stories where the Good Guy uses the assault rifle beneath his bed to heroically save his family from the Gun-Weilding Mad Man we keep hearing about.

Show me.

Show me the news item describing Lindsay Graham's Atlanta mother who used her
Uzi or
AK-47 or
Streetsweeper or
Thompson 1927 Commando

Or any gun from the theatre of war

Show me where she takes down the Home Invader coming for her family,

Or her Stuff.

Where are the news stories about that?

Show me the many, many, many cases that justify Regular Citizens not just owning, but wielding (trained or not) weapons like those from the streets of Kabul or Sirte.

Prove your point.  Plead your case.

Because I'm just not seeing the evidence.



    Thank you for sharing... I am dumbstruck that people are more concerned about their weapons than they are the safety of innocent people.

    I heard someone on NPR say this weekend (in reference to Newtown) "There are babies RIDDLED with bullets... if this isn't enough to make changes, then what is?!"

  2. Monica,

    Uzi or
    AK-47 or
    Streetsweeper or
    Thompson 1927 Commando

    We have too many gun deaths in America, that is true. How many gun deaths have been attributed to the weapons you listed above in the last year.


    That's right. Those guns you mention are machine guns. They are very highly regulated, almost impossible to own, very expensive and are considered almost too rare to actually go shoot. "Weapons of war", the type I carried in the Army have the ability to shoot hundreds of rounds per minute, as they are automatic. Automatic weapons have been illegal for unregulated civilian use since 1934. They have been illegal to manufacture since 1986. Machine Guns are not part of the problem.

    The AK-47 you mention above is sometime seen in the news, but in reality, it's not a real AK-47. It's a look-alike. So are all the so-called "Assault Rifles" we hear about. They are basically hunting rifles that are dressed up to LOOK like machine guns, but they fire one round per trigger pull, just like pistol or shotgun. They look like weapons of war, but they aren't. Soldiers would NEVER carry such a rifle.

    But many of the 8500 gun deaths in America were committed with these look-alike assault rifles last year? 348. that's right....348 out of 8500, and THAT'S what Congress is concerned with.


    Because they CAN'T or WON'T address the major cause of that BIG BIG BIG number of 8500 gun death per year . ( incidentally, it was 14000 a year just about 20 years ago, but it is dropping every year , even as these "assault weapons" have become more popular)

    The TRUTH is...ugly....and nobody wants to discuss it because anyone who wants to talk about those real numbers in in danger of being called a racist the minute they start discussing WHO is committing these gun murders. According to the FBI raw gun crime data, over 80% of gun murders in America committed by young black men who are killing young black men. It's horrific and tragic that thousands of young black men are gunning each other down every year, but nobody wants to talk about it.

    The weapon of choice? The pistol. Almost always, it is a low to medium caliber pistol that is the murder weapon. If those drug-trade murders are not counted within the National crime numbers... America shoots to the top of the list of low crime rate countries.

    The FBI also reports about 250,000 instances each year when a gun is used to STOP a crime...particularly when a woman uses it to stop a would be rapist. This doesn't make the news as much, but I can post 10 stories from just the last few days of this happening. It's simply not a popular news story.

    The bottom line is....the media is feeding us a bunch of misinformation. Good hearted people like yourself are outraged at "assault weapons" and Uzi's....when in fact...these are not the problem.

    Was Sandy hook a problem..yes...but another little known fact that the media is just now reporting...the shooter used 4 pistols int he school. He didn't have a rifle. They found a shotgun in the trunk. All that carnage was committed with 4 pistols. No "assault rifle" , no Bushmaster, no UZI, no AK-47....pistols.

    You are right...we need to do something, but if we are going to make laws that skirt the second amendment, we 'd be best served by addressing the REAL cause of gun crime, and at least talk about the actual weapons being used.

    Anything else is just being dine to make us "feel" better.


    Frank Ruggles