Sunday, August 22, 2010

This ARVO we'll have a CUPPA

OK, I'm not 100% sure what the title of this entry actually means, but I DO know that those are Australian phrases, and I'm trying to incorporate them into my vocabulary now that we've landed in Sydney. I think ARVO is something dogs get, and CUPPA probably has something to with holding one's breasts. I doubt I'll do either, not today, anyway.

We have finally landed in Sydney, Australia, after a hundred and twelve hours of flying. Actually, it was more like... (counts on fingers, gets out pen, does some math, looks at clock) a hundred and two hours. I'm not sure how long I've been awake, or even how long I've slept. I'm pretty sure I brushed my teeth yesterday, but I just ate some gum, so now the minty taste is confusing me. The clock here says it's 10:46 am on Monday, August 23rd, but we left New York on Saturday, August 21st. Where did Sunday, August 22nd go? I have no idea. It's kinda freaking us out, honestly.

At this point, I'd like to give a shout out to Qantas Airlines. Despite the frustrating absence of a "U" after the "Q" in their name, this airline did not disappoint. The food was good, the crew was friendly, and the in-flight entertainment choices were plentiful. (I now have decided that we need HBO so I can watch "True Blood," but first we need a TV.) Interestingly, many of the crew were men in their 50's, and many of them have been with Qantas for over 30 years. Quite a difference from America, where the job title, "flight attendant" is right up there with "waitress" and "stripper." (Disclaimer: I have waited tables, and it is hard work. I respect my server friends, and if they want to strip, it's fine by me.)

I miss Dean already, but am happy to be here with Paul and Katie, and we're looking forward to experiencing this amazing, wild place. We hope to see kangaroos and emus, the national animals of Australia. And for the record, Aussies eat them. It's like us eating an eagle.

I'll keep you posted...

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  1. Monica, head to the Royal Botanical Gardens - One of my favorite places in Sydney! Also, talk to the locals about places go eat so you can avoid the tourist traps and prices. I found the delis where the local businessmen go for lunch were awesome and a much better value. Try to go on a winetasting tour if possible - they will stop by an animal park and you can pet koalas and feed kangaroos. We loved our guide!