Friday, October 22, 2010


Right now, I am watching two of my best friends sleep on an air mattress in my living room.
Our dog is curled up on the bed with them, and at least two of them are snoring. It's heavenly.

Tasha and Amanda are here this weekend. They were two of the four witnesses at our wedding in April. They're like family, really. They get their own milk from our fridge, and know where the towels are. They know that Hank sheds on everything, and are fine using a towel as a bath mat until we pick ours up from the laundry.

Friends should be like that. They should give you a little grief for not calling, and they should bring up your most embarrassing moments over dinner. They should remind you to take an allergy pill when you have wine, and be really proud of you when you do something good.

Friends should support your dreams, even if they don't quite "get it." They should always treat you the same way, whether you've become some superstar, or you've hit rock bottom.

When I was in high school, there was a song that we sang at some of our assemblies. The lyrics went something like, "A friend's a friend forever, 'cause the welcome will not end- and a lifetime's not too long to live as friends." We'd all hold hands and sway and was Catholic school in the 80's.

As I sit here listening to some of my favorite people snore, I am grateful to have their friendship and unconditional love in my life. And I will go to sleep happy, knowing they are here.

And I will wish we'd stocked up on some Breathe Right Strips. Or ear plugs. They are really sawing some wood.

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