Monday, November 1, 2010

Hank's New Career

Today Hank had an audition for a commercial. And I'm worried it's gone to his head.

Let me clarify that I ALSO had an audition for the same commercial, but Hank would like you to know we had different call times. I went in at 1:10 to audition for "Dining Couple," and Hank went in at 3:30 to audition for the role of "Dog."

I learned today that A) it's tricky moving a dog 45 blocks, and B) Hank does not like cabs. Regular cars, regular drivers, no problem. But Hank quivered and shook on the floorboard of our cab for the entire ride there. (see photo)

I actually felt kind of silly hailing a cab with a dog on a leash, and several passed us, even though they were
clearly available. But one good natured cabbie picked us up, and even offered us blow pops. At least I think that's what he meant. It was just Halloween, and there was a bag of candy hanging just above Hank's head...

There was another dog waiting for the elevator, but he was clearly inexperienced, and wanted to play with Hank in the lobby. Hank is a professional, and needs his time to focus and smell things, so we took the stairs to the 3rd floor- Hank enjoying the scent of whatever that was in the corner, and me enjoying the Sharpie graffiti on the walls of the stairwell.

After that harrowing cab ride, Hank needed to check himself in the mirror. We decided he looked pretty good, and hoped they wouldn't smell him, because he needs a bath. I told him to wipe that sad look off his face (see photo), and he took a minute to get into character.

It was Hank's turn to go in, and he really wowed them, keeping in mind "Wow" can apply to lots of different situations. Hank did sit on command for as long as it took to blink, and was then more interested in looking out the window than he was in sitting, laying down, or staying. He did manage to pull it together and lick peanut butter off a plexiglass window, as directed. But what do you expect? Food was involved.

We left the audition, and started to walk home, rather than hail another cab. The walk home was 45 blocks, from 30th to 75th street. All in all, it was a good walk, and Hank got to see lots of places he's not seen before.

He also saw some places he thought he might like to audition next. The Big Apple Circus, for example.

Or maybe there's a role for a dog in an upcoming opera at Lincoln Center?

Yes, Hank has gotten his first taste of fame. He's been bitten by the acting bug, and is already pestering me to enroll him in obedience classes so he can ace his next audition. And maybe we will. Maybe he'll get an agent before I do, and maybe he'll show up in the next J. Jill catalog, instead of those stupid bulldogs they use.

Until that happens, I'm going to do my best to keep him grounded. He'll still eat Beneful instead of chopped sirloin, and he'll still sleep on his bed, instead of getting some fancy trailer.

Which is fine with me, because it's pretty darn cute.


  1. Awwwww Hank is so cute! My neurotic Sashi has a crush on him! Love the post Monica!

  2. Tell him if he gets work you are going to start charging him rent by the square footage of his bed area and don't forget to add the bowl area as well. Its time for that dog to stop coasting! Good work. PS if they're looking for a bossy Boston Terrier have I got a girl for you.

  3. We have a role for "pigeon" coming up in the 2011 season of the Festival, but some stunt work is involved. Congratulations on your 45 block walk. That's pretty dang impressive, even in NYC. Question is, did you take that blow pop?

  4. 45 blocks is nothing in the city! Unless your legs are 8" long, I guess...
    I lived on 75th when I first moved to NY - I love that area. Please tell me you have found Big Nick's Burger Joint at 77th & Bway. Best. Burger. Ever. and their chocolate shakes...mmMMMmm.
    I'm just saying.
    Lovin' your blog! Hope y'all are having fun!