Monday, March 28, 2011

Focusing is Hard, as I Demonstrate in this Blog Post.

So, I'm going to write about a bunch of unrelated things. Random observances. Flashes into our life up here. Stuff you didn't realize you needed to know, but are so glad to find out about. I hope.

So, it's still freaking cold up here, and when I look at the weather app on my iPhone, I want to cry. It shows snowflakes and rainfall for Friday and Saturday, and that makes me want to curl up in a ball, like this dog.
The sun is shining, so when I look out the window, I am filled with the promise of warmth and happiness, but when I walk outside, the wind bitch slaps me in the face, and reminds me who is really in charge.

Lots of movies and TV shows (and pilots) are shooting around right now. "30 Rock" shot their last episode of the season the other day near our apartment- be on the lookout for Kenneth and Tracy in Central Park-and tomorrow, our street will be filled with trucks and trailers for "How to Make it in America," an HBO series.

We have a few additions to the "Famous People in our 'Hood" file. Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine, Anchorman) was shopping at the Banana Republic, Dan Lauria (B'way's "Lombardi," the dad from Wonder Years) was at a bar we like, and CZJ is out in full force walking her dog these days. Hank and I are inching closer to our shared goal of being doggie friends with Figaro. You'll know when it happens.

Yesterday we closed our short run of "Tech Support," a new play by Debra Whitfield. There's talk of adding some dates, but with all of our schedules, it may be tough. Next up for me is "Future Anxiety" at The Flea Theater, directed by Jim Simpson. Previews begin April 15th, and we run through May 26th.

Mom came to visit (and see "Tech Support") last week, and we had a great time. She got to meet our dear friend and Aussie, Tim Hall, and we did a little shopping, walking, and dining. Hank was especially happy to have someone to cuddle with on the air mattress.

I found a pair of jeans I like so much, I'm going to get a second pair. They're Banana Republic skinny (!) jeans in dark blue. In case you were wondering what I'm wearing these days.

We are really excited to go to Austin, TX next week (NEXT WEEK?!?!) to see "Paradise Key" at Hyde Park Theater. This is one of Dean's plays, winner of the Trustus Theatre Playwright's Festival last season, and sure to be fantastic in this Southwest premiere. Dean's been working on his Untitled Treasure Play, and had a reading recently with The Bats at The Flea Theater.

Dean is obsessed with Petite Lap Giraffes. That's all I can say.

I'm repulsed by molecular gastronomy. It's all over the morning talk shows these days. Just make me a grilled cheese sandwich. Don't freeze it, don't liquefy it. Just grill it. Strangely, I have been on a bit of a juice kick lately. Actually, it's only when I walk past the juice place on 72nd. No other times. But I get the green juice with the kale and other green things in it, and feel really healthy for the 10 minutes it takes to drink it. And then I eat that grilled cheese I mentioned before.

OK, I gotta run. I got bidness to do, yo. Gotta get my fax on. More to come. Get ready to hear all about The Salvage Company taking our zombie thriller, "H. apocalyptus" to the Piccolo Spoleto Festival!

Later Taters.

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  1. You were so good in Tech Support! Loved listening from backstage as you got huge laughs from the audience!! And, more importantly, I'm so glad you found good jeans. Really hard to do. Buy two pairs. Oh Hell, buy three.