Monday, March 7, 2011

Hank has a Girlfriend

It's true. Hank has found true love in the Big City.

Her name is Fenny, and she lives upstairs with her people, Sean and Carol. Hank LOVES Sean and Carol more than anyone else in the world (aside from us, of course.) When we pass them on the street, Hank loses his mind. He jumps and scampers and howls and whines, and makes the tourists look at us askance. This may be because A) they are cool people, or B) when Hank visits them, they give MUCH better treats than we do.

Today we had one of those encounters, but this one was preceded by something kind of interesting. As we were walking up our block to Central Park West, Hank got really interested in a smell on the pavement. Not that this is out of the ordinary, but it wasn't food this time- it was a little puddle of dog pee. He sniffed around it, near it, and almost IN it, before I finally dragged him away- Hank with a little yelp, and me with a quick glance around to see who thought I kicked my dog.

So, we're walking along CPW when we see Sean and Fenny. It was like one of those slo-mo shots of lovers running towards each other on the beach. Only these were dogs. And there was traffic. Their ears were flapping in the breeze, the air was thick with excitement. Leashes were tangling, pedestrians were tripping, and two dogs in love leapt from bench to bench in a furry love dance.

Once those crazy kids calmed down, I realized Sean and Fenny were on their way back home, and had only gone out a few minutes earlier for a quick walk. I told Sean that we'd just rounded the corner from our street, and that Hank had to be dragged away from all the smells, including a puddle of pee. Sean said, "Fenny just peed over there by the side entrance to the Kenilworth, and she never goes there.

Yep. Seems Hank has quite a nose on him. He's not crazy, he's a dog in love. And like Dean said, "That's the mark of true love when you know each others' pee."

Food for thought.

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  1. See, it was Fenny's pee that Hank smelled. He KNEW it was his girlfriend. Get it?