Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh Start

Spring has sprung. People are wearing shorts with scarves. Lightweight jackets and flipflops are in full force. My nose is getting sunburned.

After what seemed like a whole year of cold weather and snow and rain, it's good to step outside and look at the sky and the leaves and tulips and dogs and strollers and take a deep breath and say, "let's go."

Hank had a bath today, and was so excited to be clean and outdoors, he knocked into a stranger in the crosswalk. A stranger who was none too pleased to be knocked into by a happy Beagle. It got me wondering...if he knocks down a person- I mean flat on the ground- am I liable for their bills? Will Dean and I have to pack it all up and move to a one bedroom apartment on the side of the interstate back in SC, just to pay for Mrs. Eglestein's hip replacement? That would be tragic. For us, mainly. Old people fall all the time. We're just getting into our groove here.

If anyone is looking for those pink whale pants that Andy Bernard was wearing in a recent episode of "The Office," look no further than Brooks Brothers. I saw them in the window today, and was surprised that those pants weren't a joke made my the costume designer. Not sure how much they much is one's dignity going for these days?

Hank and I took a walk just now into Central Park, where we saw an accordion player and smelled the first honeysuckle of Spring. Maybe you did, too.

So the temperature is getting better, our life here is getting better, and my outlook is getting better...all today. What a difference a little sunshine makes.

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  1. Those kind of pants are ubiquitous in Charleston, of course. Can't wait to see you guys. Where will Hank go?