Thursday, May 26, 2011

From One Apocalypse to the Next

Tonight is closing night of "Future Anxiety" at The Flea Theater. We've done over 40 performances, and I feel like we just got started. While it will be good to have my evenings back, I can't really complain, because doing theatre is what we moved here to do. And our 7pm show is out by 8:30, so really, the night is still young when we're finished. And between you and me, it's nice to have Sigourney Weaver tell you, "nice work" and "good show" afterwards.

It's also been cool to read reviews of our show in lots of different papers and blogs. While Columbia shows usually enjoyed reviews from 2-3 publications, it's been neat to read varying critiques of our little end of the world play ranging from tired old rags like The New York Times and a little start-up called Backstage. (wink)

While this show ends tonight, our next incarnation of H. apocalyptus starts with a read through in Columbia, SC on Saturday, and that means I will get in a rental car tomorrow morning with Hank (our Beagle), and drive to SC. I have lots of concerns about this trip. Will I get bored? Do I always take the bypass? When I have to stop to pee, will someone put their hand in the car and steal The Most Adorable Dog in the World? And what is the punishment for murder in that particular state when I find the dog-stealer and murder them? Will my family rent an apartment in that state so visiting me in jail will be more convenient? And will Dean move on while I'm incarcerated? So many things to think about.

It will be good to be in SC. I'm not looking forward to sweating a whole bunch, but if I did it for (mumbles) years, then I can do it for two weeks.

I've got packing to do! I'm hitting the road tomorrow! Wish me luck. And call me tomorrow, because I'll be driving and bored. And I have one of those hands-free things, so I won't get in trouble for using the phone in whatever state that's illegal.

I wonder what the sentence for THAT is?

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  1. Download as many Tobolowsky Files podcasts as you can. Listen as you drive. Brilliant!