Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's get this ball rollin'

This week, I learned something.

OK, I've learned a lot of things, but some of them are, "Don't take the 1 train" or "That pedi-cab with the fringe is unlicensed." But this week, I learned some encouraging things about being an actor in New York.

First of all, I finally got around to having my head shots reproduced, so I can avoid making a trip to Kinko's every time I need more pictures (yes, I know they are called "FedEx Office" now, but I'm set in my ways). I ordered 300 of them, not because I'm planning on going to that many auditions (though this week is turning out to be a busy one), but because I'm going to do the Mass Mailing To Agents and Casting Directors that actors do when they're new here.

I did have to go to Kinko's earlier this week to copy my resumé, and as I stood there trimming them all down to 8x10-size (so they'll fit on the back of the photo), I realized that I'm always turning my photo over when I'm in there, so no one will see that I'm an actor. Same thing with the resumé- I was cutting them all face down. Then, I saw a woman across from me who was wearing a dress identical to one I owned, one Dean bought for me in the Village soon after we moved. She was pretty, and also had a resumé in her hand as she stood at the copier, and I realized, it's okay to be an actor. The people at Kinko's must see tons of us every day. Everyone in NYC must personally know at least one of us. I need to stop shrugging it off, or apologizing for it. So I turned that resumé face up, and finished my task with my head held a little higher.

Today, I auditioned for a place that offers classes and sessions with casting directors and agents. It was strange, because I've gotten used to auditioning for someone and then immediately leaving the room- no one ever chats. But this guy gave me feedback. He invited me to sit down. We laughed and his suggestions were really good. And I realized that even though I've been acting for a long time, there's a fair amount I don't know, and a good bit I need to be reminded of. Granted, it is very convenient that this place offers classes, and I feel the need to take some classes...but it was a neat feeling to realize there is something I want to learn.

So this week, I feel on my way. I'm getting all the tools together I need to do this thing. Now I just need to figure out what my "type" is. I'm compelled to say "Liz Lemon meets Judge Judy," but that might not go over well. Your suggestions are welcome. (Seriously.)

And by the way, I got in. :)


  1. Monica, this blog post isn't nearly as funny as your other ones. Why don't you write about something funny? I live vicariously through you, so step it up.

  2. It sounds like things are coming along! Good luck ;)

  3. Lucille Ball without the Cuban and Lindsay Lohan without pills? A more attractive and less-shrill Annie Potts before the Lifetime Network? Susan Sarandon twenty years younger? I'll keep working on it. BTW, are you posting to yourself?