Monday, January 24, 2011

Only Boring People Get Bored? I Don't Think So.

Last night, after the longest day in memory, I vowed that today I would do absolutely nothing. It was meant to be a sort of gift to myself, a day of relaxation and recharging. I envisioned myself making a healthy breakfast, catching up on my DVR shows, walking Hank for longer than usual, and maybe doing a little bit of shopping for things we need, like dog shoes and orange curtains. You know, typical New York stuff.

Instead, I find myself in a self-imposed imprisonment, because it is so freaking cold outside. People back home in SC forget that we don't drive here. We don't get in the car to run down the Bed Bath and Beyond, we bundle up and walk there, wind slapping us in the face, and our freezing cold pants hugging our legs the entire way. Yes, there are cabs- but they are best caught on the corner, which is A) outside, and B) outside.

So, I'm here inside, vowing not to work, but it's driving me crazy. There are so many things I could be doing. Here's a list:

Clean out my closet
Gather, sort, and drop off the laundry (though it involves going outside)
Complete the Fringe application for The Salvage Company
Get ideas together for my LAByrinth group project
Update my resume
Play Wii
Clean something. Anything.
Drink wine
Dress up like Dean
Learn to say "I'm bored" in other languages
Enjoy Univision
Finally Put away the Advent Calendar

See, there are lots of things I could be doing. But apparently, I do not do well with unstructured time. If someone else says, "you need to be here for this event for this time period," then I'm great. But this "free time" doesn't sit well with me.

Side note: Dean just texted to ask if I'd broken into the bourbon yet. I was delighted to be reminded that we HAVE BOURBON IN THE HOUSE! But, I will wait until he returns.

I have learned a few things today. I've learned from several news outlets (Access Hollywood, Kathi Lee and Hota, and Perez Hilton) that Oprah has a half sister she knew nothing about. I've learned that the teenage daughter on "Modern Family" is actually 20 years old, and I've learned that Jack LaLanne's son will be taking over the family business. But today, I have also known heartache. I had to turn down a kick ass audition because I have a performance tomorrow morning. I ran out of dog food. And Hank's feet got cold on our walk, and passers-by looked at me askance as I carried him home. So all in all, things balanced out.

Tomorrow, I will tackle NYC once again, heading out face-first into the cold. I will do my work and I won't whine, and I will pack all kinds of things into a limited amount of time. I will rush around, skipping meals, riding trains, and lugging my bag for blocks and blocks and blocks.

And I will love every second of it. But until then, I'm going to cuddle with this dog.

Now, pass me the bourbon.

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