Monday, January 31, 2011

Today was pretty cool...

You know something, Bob Geldof? I DO like Mondays. Especially if they're like today.

This morning I went to the ABC casting office, and was a reader for Marci Phillips for a few hours. She's casting 8 new pilots for the network, and my job was to read the scenes with the actors who were auditioning. It was so much fun, and really eye-opening and- dare I say- encouraging. All the actors came in and did great reads, and they were all different. It proved to me that there's no "right way" to interpret a character. Whatever you do, if you do it honestly, IS the right way. Marci is great, because at the sign in table, she has handouts with encouraging quotes on them by Mike Dooley.

Here's one: When just starting out on a new journey it's only natural to feel vulnerable. After all, it may seem that you have much to lose. But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in the same journey, will you have so much to gain.

It's all really inspiring, and just goes to show she's supportive of actors, and that's a nice feeling. As I see it, I got a 2 and a half hour audition for a super casting director. Pretty sweet start to my Monday.

And THEN...I went to Starbucks across the street, and the real fun began. As I sat there drinking my coffee, an older fella walks in, and as the place was crowded, he asked a woman if the extra seat at her table was taken. She invited him to join her, and they started talking about the headlines in the paper she was reading, from arts to Egypt. I looked up, and the sweet man was Jeffrey Tambor! On my way out, I was headed over to say hello to him, when another customer realized her wallet was missing. JT started to help her look for it, and so I started to help JT help look for it, so it wouldn't seem strange that I was just standing there in the middle of a crisis. Then, JT puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "My bag is gone. Someone took my bag." So we look around for his bag, and then he grabs me again and says, "Wait. I didn't bring my bag. It's OK." At that point, we chatted a little, I told him that I'd worked with some of his friends a long time ago at Milwaukee Rep, and THEN JT gave me his email address to pass along to them so they could catch up after all this time. That's right. I have his email address. As I left, he asked me if I was still acting, and said, "Knock 'em dead."

Then I called Dean, and bought refills for the Cat Litter Locker at the pet store across the street.

And THEN, I had lunch at Amber (a sushi place near us), and I thought I heard the voice of someone I knew, coming from the next table. I looked, and didn't recognize anyone, and then I began eavesdropping. The guy with The Voice was talking to his friend about science, and that's when I realized it was Ira Flatow from NPR's "Science Friday!" I didn't speak to him, but I did listen to him, which was just like having the radio on in a sushi restaurant.

Fast forward to this evening. After Dean and I ate dinner, we settled in for a little TV on the sofa, and heard our super awesome friend Libby Collins' voice on a commercial for Jared Jewelers. Next time you see the spot about their "Chocolate Diamonds," that's our girl. She is the Voice of Jared.

So today was about voices and actors and good sushi. And love. It's always about love.


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  1. Monica, this is Jeffrey Tambor. I'm not sure I like the way I'm portrayed in your blog post. I come off sounding like A) I hit on old women, and B) I lose things. (Though, thank you for helping me look for my bag!)

    I liked your red coat, and it was nice to meet you. Just do me a favor, and if anyone asks you what I'm like in person, will you please say I am very organized? I've got a rep to protect.

    Please come see my show- I'm replacing Kelsey Grammer in La Cage.

    Your new friend,

    (author's note: this is not really from JT. Please don't sue.)