Monday, January 3, 2011

New News for the New Year

Remember where you were on New Year's Eve 1999? Didn't 2011 sound like the future? Like, Star Trek future, only without Shatner fighting monster men.

Well, some exciting things have happened as 2010 drew to a close, so I thought I'd share them with you now. You know, kind of like one of those Christmas letters your Aunt Ruthie sends from Omaha every year. Only this one is from me. And digital.

First things first: we finally got a TV. It was a Christmas present to ourselves, and it's pretty awesome to have actual live news and sports right in our living room. But after 6 months of NPR and Hulu, I've realized there are some things about TV that I have NOT missed. I've not missed how easily we can get sucked into staring at the glowing screen, regardless of what is on it. We found ourselves watching an old episode of "Hannah Montana" yesterday, simply because it was on. Also, I have not missed all the commercials. Granted, there are advertisements on Hulu, but they are fewer, and they are kindly tailored to my personal tastes, thanks to whatever hoodoo Big Brother is working on us.

I'm especially excited to have a TV (and as of tomorrow, cable) so I can watch this TV show I shot recently. It's a new series set to air on the Sundance Channel, called "Garo Unleased," and it follows designer Garo Sparo as he creates new outfits for people and their new lives or special occasions. He makes me a fancy party dress, and it was definitely an experience. I'll let y'all know when it airs.

Next Sunday, I start the Master Class at LAByrinth Theatre Company. It runs for the next 5 Sundays, from 10am-6pm, and I'm excited to be taking part in such an intensive class. LAByrinth has a great reputation, and boasts some famous names in their roster of company members, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Lynn Nottage, and Michael Shannon. Our first class will consist of movement, voice work, and writing, and I've been told to bring a notebook. I hope I can find a really good Hello Kitty one. Or Hannah Montana.

Things are heating up at The Flea Theatre, as we get closer to the start of our Serials project. We've been divided into 5 teams, each given the task of developing a 10-minute play. Beginning January 21st, late-night audiences will come to the show, and see all 5 short plays. They will then vote on the 3 shows they'd like to see return the following week with a new "episode." The 2 not chosen have to develop a NEW show to present the following week, and try their luck again. It's been a great way to meet super people, and it feels good to be a part of something bigger- not just a show, but a whole theatre company. Working at The Flea is definitely making it easier to be away from our beloved Trustus Theatre in Columbia, SC.

Finally, on January 13th, I open "Little Red Riding Hood," with the Manhattan Children's Theatre. It's been cool to see the caliber of actors working on this show- one of our actors went to Yale- and I laugh at every rehearsal. It's a sweet gig- daytime shows at 11am, and it's directly across the street from The Flea! Plus...they pay me. Thanks to Jerry and Jim at Columbia Children's Theatre in SC for showing me the ropes before I got up here. :)

It's funny...ok, maybe not "haha" funny, but interesting... there are days when things feel pretty bleak, career-wise. When I wonder if I'm doing the right thing, if things will ever take off, if this is worth it. And then Dean tells me he believes in me- in US- and I forge ahead. And then, I write things down to share with you, and you know...I think I'm doing OK.

Hell, I might even be doing great.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Monica! Please write more- I adore your posts and have given you the Stylish Blogger Award xo Stay warm!