Friday, January 21, 2011

That's What She Said

I was going to call this post "Cramming it All In."

I've heard from a couple of fans lately that my public wants another blog post (thanks, Mom and Dad.) Hey, parents count as fans.

The truth is, I have all these ideas for things I want to share with you all, but I've been too freaking busy to actually sit down and write. If I find myself with a spare hour, which I do not lately, I am either walking to Trader Joe's for more hummus, dragging the laundry to the cleaners, or taking Hank for a walk. If these chores didn't exist, I'd use that free hour for watching Kathi Lee and Hoda, or I'd go to the gym and be "that girl" in the yoga class who makes everyone feel better about themselves.

But THIS morning, I am staking claim to a precious 30 minutes to share with you, gentle reader, all the things that have kept me so busy. (Side note: A while back I wondered if people would think I was talking too much about myself on here, and then I realized it was my flippin' blog, and if someone is here reading it, then they must be interested in what I'm doing, and if they're not, then they should make their own blog. Here is how: Step one- go to Blogger and make your own blog. Step two- write about yourself. Step three- try to get 49 followers, like ME.)

When I read that last part out loud, it was really funny. At least to me.

OK, so I'm doing this kids show, and I'm in this class where we have scenes to learn and direct and write, and plays to read and design projects to do, AND...drumroll, please, #serials@theflea opens tonight!!!! We've been rehearsing that for weeks now, and tonight is the big opening. (That, too, is what she said.) I might be taking a disco nap this afternoon and tomorrow, as these are late night shows, and I am older than everyone else in the show, BUT it's going to be a blast, and you should come if you're in town.

Huh. That's really all that's keeping me from writing. Doesn't look like much once it's written down, does it? It's really been a lot of memorizing, more than anything. You know, for scenes and stuff. So...that was it. I promise, it was all very time consuming.

OH! I took a class with Marci Phillips, the casting director for ABC, and 4 days later, they called me in to be a reader, which is pretty cool! I'll let you know how that goes. It was pretty exciting to get a call from ABC, though at first I thought it was the restaurant I'd been to the night before (Pipa, at ABC Carpet and Home), calling to say I'd left my card there. :) There was sangria involved.

I have to sign off now- the gym calls (it's two blocks away, and easy to hear), and I have scenes to read and rehearsal later. To pique your interest on upcoming topics, I will leave you with this list of actual notes from my phone of things I want to blog about:

Dunkin Donuts v. Starbucks
New paper (don't know what this means)
Koran on Kindle
Go fuck yourself
Tattoo Diana Death Symbolism
German texts

Yeah, I'm not so sure these notes will be helpful...but I'll give it a shot.
Until next time...

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  1. Update: I am up to 51 Followers. I'm brushing my shoulders off. Or whatever that thing is that Diddy does.