Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joy is Contagious

(Note:  I'm aware I missed a day of our blogging challenge yesterday.  I'm human.  In fact, I'm currently a human and a half, and I make the occasional mistake.)

Planning for a baby is supposed to be fun.  There's nursery decorating, and clothes shopping, and registries to complete... so much fun stuff to do.

However, there is a little teeny damper put on that stuff when you live in a teeny, one-bedroom apartment in NYC.  Space is an enormous issue (or a small one, as the case may be), so decorating a nursery isn't really an option or concern.  Instead, we will select a shade to paint the "Baby's Wall," and do our best to find SMALL pieces of furniture that complement what we already have going on downstairs.  (That sounded bad.  To clarify: our bedroom is downstairs, and when I refer to what we have "going on" down there, I mean in a decorating sense, get what I mean.)

We've been working hard to get rid of things we no longer need or use, because every little thing takes up precious space.  Consequently, we've not bought a ton of baby things just yet, for fear of not having a place to put them.  Many people have insisted we NOT go on a shopping spree just yet, because other people will give us things for the baby, either in the form VERY welcome hand-me-downs (Fletcher and Michelle, and Tasha and Amanda) or shower gifts (anyone else who is so inclined.)

But with Mom in town, there has been some baby shopping.  I mean, we can't disappoint a grandma-to-be, can we?  We can't deny her that pleasure.  And today, we had brunch with our friend Stefania, who is ALSO pregnant.  Stefania knows where all the baby sales are (not actual babies, but items for babies), so naturally, we had to do a little shopping after we ate.

And you know what?  Baby excitement is contagious.  Although we went to just two stores, we all had the baby fever, picking up outfits for tiny people we've not yet met.  Showing each other what we thought was the most adorable thing in the store, sharing suggestions, and asking other shopping parents for their advice on strollers, snow suits, and hats.  (Note: new parents love to share advice, and I welcome it.)

And we had a great time.  Even though I've kept my shopping to a minimum, the baby joy is contagious.

Now to paint that wall...


  1. So happy to read this. I feel your joy all the way down here!

  2. Oops and by down here I mean South Carolina.