Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Learning Up Close and Personal

Today, I learned a lot.

I learned (from experience) that workout pants with elastic waistbands aren't as comfy as they used to be, and I now recognize the importance of those big, stretchy panels in maternity pants.

I learned (from Real Simple magazine) to call a plumber immediately if you have a leak, no matter how small.

I learned (from Dean) that a good logo is all you need to get really inspired at work.

But the BEST things I learned today were learned up close and personal from Meredith Moseley-Bennett.  Meredith is the mother of 4 month old Bailey, the sweetest baby girl in all the land.  I spent a couple of hours with the two over them, over lunch today, and learned LOTS of things about being a new mom and living with a tiny, tiny person.

In a nutshell, I learned:

Babies can entertain themselves for longer than I thought.
Dogs love babies.
Poop can be projectile.
Babies can go through 14 diapers a day.
Breast feeding is pretty much what you think it is.
Vaseline serves many purposes.
Generous friends give you clothes.
Doulas cost $1000.
A doula is a person.

There was more, but I should save something for future blog posts.  And you, gentle reader, are in for a treat- 30 straight days of blogging from yours truly.  I've got some great ideas, too- blog-within-a-blog, video blog, pig latin blog, Hank's own blog...It's gonna be a great month.

But first, I need to get this poop off my shirt.


  1. How do I make this perpetual Monica slide show into my screen saver?

  2. I can't wait for Hank's own blog. I'm a big fan of him.