Sunday, February 12, 2012


In the past two days, I've spent a lot of money at Ikea and The Container Store.  I haven't bought things that I personally want, but instead have come home with things that I think our home needs.  

Apparently, I'm nesting.

I typically hate shopping.  It takes me months and months to finally break down and buy new bras.  I have a 90 minute tolerance for places like Ikea.  Bed Bath and Beyond has too many choices, too many decisions to be made there.  It's akin to the reason Dean and I eloped.

But lately, I've been struck with the undeniable need to make the most of our space.  To store things we need to keep but don't daily use.  To have pieces of furniture that serve double, if not triple duty (though I'm not sure what that might be.)  I've debated basket colors and picked out a bright orange throw to match the new pillow I suddenly HAD to have.  I mean, the sofa needed it.

Our spices need to be on those stairs.  Under our kitchen sink needs to be organized.  A tiny curtain must go up in front of the shelves that house the tools.  Because tools need curtains.  The cat food needs a new plastic tub to be stored in.  Our nightstands need to match.  And this is just the beginning.

I think it's worth it.  Getting our space together, getting it organized before our baby arrives makes me feel good.  The less chaos the better.  

Because I don't want anything distracting that little guy from our new orange throw.

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