Monday, February 13, 2012

Seeing Myself on TV

Every commercial has a target audience.

You can tell when a commercial is made for you, can't you?  I know Dean gets especially quiet and focused when luxury car commercials are on.  While we don't drive luxury cars (we don't drive ANY cars these days except the ones from Hertz), Dean sees himself as the potential driver of one, and therefore sees himself in those commercials.

I have a harder time seeing myself adequately represented in TV ads.

Here are a couple of commercials that don't represent me:

- The Chanel spot with Kiera Knightly, where she drives away on a motorcycle.  I think I could handle the motorcycle- it's the tiny, square bottle of perfume she tucks into her bra at the end that makes me uncomfortable.  I try to keep pointy things away from my breasts.

- Any of the Kay Jewelers spots where a soldier or a work-a-holic gives his wife a Jane Seymour Open Heart Pendant.  Or one of those Pandora/Persona Add-a-Bead bracelets that also serves as an airport conversation starter.  I would rather have the lady at the Korean nail salon dig out my ingrown nail than receive either.  (If you personally like those jewelry items, then THAT commercial is for you!  Congratulations, you found yours.)

Here are some spots where I DO see myself:

- That pasta sauce commercial where the red-headed lady flashes back to her hair and fashion choices in the 80's.  It reminds me of goofing off with my friend Kelley McDonald in 1986.  Or 1987.  Either one.  We were rad and had a great time, despite our hair.  Or because of it.

- Anything with a baby in it.  Lotion ads, detergent spots, diaper commercials (NOTE:  Not that animated "Poop, There it is" diaper spot.  That is disgusting, and I would never buy those diapers, even if I could remember what brand they were selling.)  I'm not drawn to spots with toddlers or older kids.  Just babies.  One step at a time.  Baby steps, as they say.

There's one spot where I'm on the fence.  I haven't quite decided if I love or hate the Garnier hair color spot with Tina Fey.  I adore her, and love that she's a sexy spokesmodel now, but somehow I see less of myself in her now that the glasses are gone and the goofy is rubbed off.  I like a fresh hair color, but I don't like adults in tutus.  I like Awkward Tina, but don't know if Shiny Tina and I would be able to polish off a box of Cheezits together.

So there it is.  I wish you happy commercial watching, and hope you see yourself in there somewhere.

Just not in that one where the kid gets the wedgie, or the spot for Beano.

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  1. The Geico commercial where the couple adopts a rescue panther - that's us. We try cheap (aka economical) the first time and after that we go way overboard. It's insane now that the baby is here - bought another grand of gear the first week he was home as we went in new parent panic mode! But he is so worth it all!