Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Overheard Today

No lie.  These are actual things I heard people say today:

Mom to Kid:  Nobody wants a BOOK.

Woman talking to Husband: Please! $50 isn't going to keep some guy from diddling his kid!

I saw actor Matthew Rhys in the Juice Generation today (he played the gay brother, Kevin, on "Brothers and Sisters"), and he said to his pretty friend, "Hello Darling, did you get any sleep last night?  Me either."  You should say that in a British accent, because he's British.  And we both ordered the medium Supa Dupa Greens.

Dean is finally home from Rwanda, and arrived bearing gifts (Yay!) as well as being a little turned around by time zones (Awww.)  So, we're going to sleep at 8:30.


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