Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Little Bit of Magic

Lately, I've been feeling the baby kick a lot.  Mom is in town, and she's bought lots of cute clothes for the little guy.  Every day, things are becoming more and more real.  Dean and I are going to be someone's parents.

I get a lot of ultrasounds because, A)  I'm pregnant, and B) I'm taking part in a Columbia University study that not only pays be $80 in American cash, but ALSO gives us occasional 3D ultrasound images, in addition to the regular, grainy kind.

Today, I had another ultrasound.  Dean usually goes with me, but since he's in Rwanda, Mom got to go (can you say excited?)  It happened to be a 3D ultrasound day.

And things just got a little more real.

(Photo to follow, once I clear it with My Baby Daddy.)

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