Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take THAT, Overcommitment!

Sometimes, we over commit.  I overcommit.

I have the best intentions.  Typically, I overcommit because there are just so many cool things to do/people to see/projects to work on, it's hard to say no to any of them.

This Commitment to Blog Every Day in February is one of those things I've agreed to, but am- in this moment- swearing about.  It's been a Liz Lemon type of swearing, with lots of words like "Blerg," rather than crazy lady on the 1 Train swearing, with lots of words that would bother my mother to see in print.

My friends Amanda, Jenny, and Ami have all made the commitment to do this same thing, but when we said yes, did we think about the Super Bowl?  Did we think about how much time we'd want to spend with our husbands before they go to Rwanda in three days?  Did we think about all the plays we have to read by Tuesday, and the monologue we need to learn?

No.  We did not.

We just thought about being good writers.  About getting in the habit of sharing our thoughts.  About not letting the other three women look better than us.  We.  Will.  Not.  Fail.

Which explains this rather thin blog post.  But you know what, bitches?  I did it. :)

(Sorry about the "bitches," Mom.  I meant it to be sweet.)


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