Monday, February 20, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Mom left this evening to head back to South Carolina.

And you know, I'm a little sad.  I'm surprised I'm a little sad, but after 10 days with someone, I guess you get used to sharing the same space.  You become accustomed to the extra paper towels wadded up on the counter, and the bathroom light being left on.

You get used to teaching someone all the cool things the iPhone can do, and come to enjoy the singing of random, original tunes throughout the apartment.

You find there are similarities between two of the people who love you the most, as they both make the coffee in the morning before they take Hank out for his first walk of the day.

You feel overjoyed when you see her face light up at your ultrasound appointment, and go to sleep smiling as you listen to her in the next room, negotiating for couch space with the dog.

You're incredibly proud when your friends meet and love her instantly, and are reminded of all the reasons you love her, too.

Mom may have left to go home today, but she's still here.  At least as long as I leave her last wadded up paper towel on the counter. :)

Love you, Mom.  See you in April.

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